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SCTR Research Lunch-N-Learn

Conflict of Interest

Date: Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

Time: 12:00- 1:00pm

Location: Ashley River Tower, Room 1119

Presenter: Shannon Condon, MUSC Confict of Interest Officer

Shannon Condon, MUSC Conflict of Interest Officer will present information to educate those involved in research abou the NIH policy changes and provide and outline of MUSC's plans to meet the compliance requirements.

NIH has an updated set of rules and policies concerning conflict of interest (COI) that will go into effect on August 24, 2012.   The NIH policy changes are significant and their focus is predominantly centered on Investigators’ disclosure requirements of significant financial interests (SFIs), Institutions’ reporting and management of identified financial conflicts of interest (FCOI) and public disclosure of information regarding Investigator FCOI.  The new rules will substantially change the way institutions disclose, manage and report conflict of interest. For more information about the NIH changes please visit the NIH website.

The Office of the Provost in cooperation with the Conflict of Interest Committee Chairs, the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs and the Office of Research Integrity are reviewing all of the NIH policy changes.  Several items contained in the updated policy have already been identified as rules that will require MUSC to modify its existing policies and processes in order to be compliant with the new requirements.