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Tools for Mentors & Mentees Workshop Series (Sponsors: Mentor Leadership Council & Apple Tree)

**Tegrity recordings are available for past presentations.
To access the recording click on the topic you are interested in for those that have already occured.

Topic Speaker(s) Date Time Location
Negotiation Skills Barbara Edlund, PhD 5/21/14 12-1pm TBD
Having Difficult Conversations
Connie Best 4/9/14 12-1pm Library Room 116/118
How to Develop an Academic Career as a Clinician-Educator
Ben Clyburn
Elisha Brownfield
2/4/14 12-1pm Library Room 405
Early Career Researchers - Benefits, Challenges & Lessons Learned

Heather Bonhila
Chris Gregory
DeAnna Adkins
Andy Goodwin
Mark Bowden

1/21/14 12-1pm Library Room 405
Insights from A New Mentoring Program in the Department of Medicine at MUSC Gerard Silvestri 12/11/13 5-6pm Clinical Science Building,
Room 628
Building Your Career as an Academic Educator in the Health Professions
Maralynne Mitcham
Ruth Patterson
11/06/13 12-1pm Library Room 405
NIH Peer Review Process
Kathleen Brady
Jacqueline McGinty
10/11/13 12-1pm Library Room 405
Ed Krug
Chris Pelic
9/24/13 12-1pm Library Room 116-118
Motivating Mentees & Team Building Amy Blue 6/03/13 12-1pm Library Room 405
Conflict Resolution & Communication Dan Smith 5/22/13 5-6pm Library Room 405
Stress Management & Work Life Balance Gail Stuart 3/26/13 12-1pm Library Room 405
Understanding Economic & Fiscal Realities for Successful Academic Careers Rita Ryan
Don Rockey
2/13/13 12-1pm Library Room 405
Types of NIH & Agency Grants Availalbe; 
Which one is Right for Me?
Joann Sullivan 1/23/13 5-6pm Library Room 405
Marc Chimowitz
Mary Mauldin


BEB 201

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