Biomedical Informatics

Program Description

ObisThe Biomedical Informatics Center provides investigators with ready access to a variety of software tools, databases, and support systems that will greatly facilitate the performance of clinical and translational research.

Effective utilization of informatics resources will increase as we expand and refine the data available to researchers within an integrated knowledge and data environment that maximizes the unique collaborative research portal. This integrated environment will permit researcher information and collaborative knowledge to be appropriately and creatively shared by many investigators.



  • REDCap Database Support
  • REDCap Survey Support
  • Clinical Data Warehouse Services for Research
  • Bioinformatics Consultations
  • Informatics Consultations
  • Legacy Systems Support


Gray Line

  • Implementation of REDCap data capture software; a tool developed by Vanderbilt University providing secure, web-based applications to support research studies data gathering needs.
  • The consolidated eIRB system. Click Commerce, implementation at MUSC as well as multiple other institutions including USC, Greenville Hospital System, Spartanburg Regional Hospital System and Palmetto Health.
Gray Line

  • Provision of Clinical Data Warehouse (CDW) services for research; exploration of electronic medical data while protecting patient confidentiality and data security, using IRB approved methodologies and serving IRB approved research protocols. Please see our CDW services for research for more information.
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Leslie A. Lenert M.D., M.S.
Chief Research Informatics Officer
and Director

Tel: 843-792-1914
Email: lenert @ musc . edu


Jihad Obeid, MD

Tel: 843-792-0272
Email: jobeid @ musc . edu

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