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MUSC Clinical Data Warehouse for Research (CDW)

The MUSC CDW is a single, secure, integrated database extracted from the MUSC OACIS Clinical Data Repository, which includes patient demographics, ICD-coded diagnoses, ICD-coded procedures, medications, and laboratory test results.


The CDW will provide clear pathways for data requests with full regulatory compliance and accelerate our translational research programs that will lead to new diagnostic tools and therapies for a range of diseases.

Only MUSC faculty and faculty-sponsored staff may access the CDW. Faculty who wish to sponsor full-time MUSC staff members to access the CDW should complete the Sponsorship Form and return it to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

There are two methods for accessing the CDW for research:

METHOD 1: Access to:
  • De-identified aggregate data through a restricted query interface and a signed data use assurance (DUA) in accordance with HIPAA guidelines. *

A typical example would be the number of diabetics seen in the year 2009 stratified by gender. This will provide researchers with a self-service data request model for the majority of high demand queries for aggregate de-identified data.

*Method 2 could also be used for aggregate de-identified data queries if the query cannot be performed using self-service access or for more complex queries with multiple variables.


- Access to:

  • Protected Health Information (PHI) - must provide Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval with request, or;
  • Those who need more complex aggregate de-identified data than provided by the restricted interface in Method 1.
  • Request is made through an Honest Broker (CITI certified database analyst designated to MUSC) via the SPARC system.**
  • In SPARC, under "South Carolina Clinical and Translational Research Institute (SCTR)", under "Office of Biomedical Informatics" please select the service under "Clinical Data Warehouse" (CDW).
  • Requests are made by using our online data request mechanism (below).
  • Requests that include PHI undergo a brief review by a data request committee to assure compliance with the IRB approved protocol.

This process allows MUSC researchers to: perform retrospective research studies or chart reviews, identify patients who may be eligible for specific research studies or clinical trials, identify patterns of diseases, manifestation, treatment, and outcomes; and many other IRB approved activities.

**Instructions for accessing SPARC are located under the FAQ section.  For further help with SPARC please contact the SUCCESS center at (843) 792-8300 or at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



The Clinical Data Warehouse is a collaboration between the Offices of the Associate Provost for Research, Chief Information Officer, and SCTR.