Consultation Services

SCTR/CCHP offers consultation service to MUSC faculty and community members in the following areas:

1. Research Collaboration Opportunities
Do you want to collaborate with a community organization and/or identify a MUSC community-based researcher?
We can help you identify community organizations and/or community-based researchers at MUSC to partners with. There is the potential to link with larger research networks.

2. Social/Cultural Advisors
Do you need assistance working with a socially and/or culturally diverse community?
SCTR/CCHP has relationships with experienced investigators, community advisory boards, and community members who work with or are members of diverse communities who will assist you. Our consultants are knowledgeable about community beliefs and practices and may assist you in areas such as approaching a community for research, partnership formation, and sustainability of research efforts.

3. Community-based Research Designs
Are you designing a project related to community-based research?
We have access to experts who can provide guidance on: incorporating community-based theories and frameworks into study designs; developing a research plan that engages community members; collecting community-based pilot data; conducting a community needs assessment; conducting focus groups and interview; developing an evaluation plan; and providing IRB regulatory support specific to Community Engagement protocol at MUSC.

4. Community Site Training for Community-based Research
Do you need support in training for you community-based practice or clinic in research?
In addition to offering training and education opportunities to community members on conducting community-based research, our faculty and staff can assist in developing strategies and content for training community research sites for study coordination, management, recruitment, data collection, and study specific protocols.

5. Communication and Dissemination of Community-based Research and Initiatives
Do you need assistance disseminating and communicating information related to your organization's community-based initiatives?
Our staff can assist your organization in developing a dissemination plan and communication strategy for your organization's community-based initiatives.

Request a Consult Service

To request a consult service, please visit and submit a request for service online through the "Request Service" button to access the SPARC Services Catalog. Select "Community Engagement & Research" for the list of consultation services to choose from. For further information, please contact the SUCCESS Center at 843-792-8300 or email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

For a user's guide on how to use the SPARC system to request SCTR services, click here. Community members, please contact Carolyn Jenkins at 843.792.4625 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to request SCTR services.


SCTR Voucher Program

SCTR also offers vouchers to investigators to gather preliminary data for inclusion in a grant proposal, improve the science or safety of their research projects, or develop a transitional focus to their research. The voucher program is open to basic, translational, and clinical researchers, along with community research projects affiliated with MUSC. For more information, or to request a voucher, visit

For a user's guide on the SCTR voucher application process, click here.